Nurturing You to Honor Truth and Love over fear.”

Mark Gibson - Certified Coach - find your authentic self

I am not here to take, I am here to give.

I believe that Fear is the most powerful deterrent you have to enjoying your Freedom, and Truth is the most powerful means you have for overcoming fear.

I’d love to hear you say…

  • More freedom leads to Abundance - woman standing on a beach

Are you ready to learn how to freely give and receive more Love?

“If you believe that the world is an unsafe place, then it is.

If you believe that the world is a safe place, then it is.

Where do you choose to live?”

My unique philosophy of ‘Truth and Love over fear’ can empower you to:

  • Reduce your stress levels when you discard unwanted mental clutter to make room for expansion into the Freedom of your Higher Consciousness.
  • Disempower your irrational fears and needless emotional pains by overriding the destructive suggestions of the your overly protective ego, your “OPiE”.
  • Resolve your guilt and shame by achieving greater Self-forgiveness.
  • Enjoy the only real security the world has to offer: knowing that you can handle whatever comes because you are intelligent and resilient.
  • Achieve inner Freedom: use your Truth-based Self-confidence to accept All That Is so that you can harmonize your life with the cosmos through ‘In-lighten-meant’.
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Personal Glimpse – Preserving Freedom

“As soon as I finished reading (in the mid 1970s) Harry Browne’s book, How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World, I committed to preserving as many of my freedoms as I could …

“Your intellectual, emotional, and spiritual freedom is only as strong as your commitment to Truth”

In his mid-twenties, Mark E. Gibson launched his self-help journey in an attempt to lift himself out of an emotionally tormented time of his life. He now is a certified life coach and stress management coach who specializes in nurturing Truth, unconditional Love, and fearless Living. He earned a masters degree in science from San Francisco State University. Two spiritual awakenings had a profound effect on his commitment to being of service to humanity. Mark co-hosted the Personal Growth and Empowerment group on Meetup and he teaches an assortment of courses on consciousness and spirituality at Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Southern Oregon University. His other books include How to Find Love through Online Dating and Living Unconditional Love. Mark resides with his beloved wife, Francesca, in Southern Oregon, and he expresses tremendous gratitude to The Creator that he is living his spiritual calling.

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Mark E. Gibson, MA, CLC

Benefits of Being Truthful

These are some of the benefits you can enjoy by being deeply truthful (and less fearful).

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  • Increase your personal Awareness in the Now moment.
  • Recognize and solidify your highest values.
  • Empower your resilience.
  • Make subjective decisions more easily.
  • Strengthen your Truth-based Self-confidence.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the OPiE?

“OPiE” is my acronym for the ‘overly protective ego’. While our healthy egos naturally strive to keep us healthy and happy, the unhealthy portion of our egos (the “OPiE”) creates conflict and emotional pain for content that justifies its existence. The OPiE, like the overly protective parent, precludes the mind from learning the Truths of live. The vast majority of emotional pain you experience is a result of irrational fear-based illusions from your OPiE the provoke jealousy, resistance, denial, greed, judgment, scarcity, and numerous other negative mental sensations. A Highly Conscious person has learned how to recognize the inner voice of the OPiE and override it so that he or she can be freely give and receive more love.

How can I distinguish rational fears from irrational fears?

Rational fears, originating in your healthy ego, protect you physically, mentally, and emotionally by guiding you to make choices that keep you healthy and happy by constantly aligning your thinking with your stated rational values and goals. Irrational fears, on the other originate in your OPiE and are untruths that create conflict and suffering. To recognize an irrational fear, ask yourself, “Is this the Truth of the moment, and is this fear destructive or constructive?” If the fear leads you to do something unloving (check with your Heart Spirit on this), then it is an irrational fear (is not consistent with your stated rational values and goals) and should be promptly dismissed before you react to it.

Explain how I can use the question “Which voice is this?”

In the Now moment, when a thought you are having catches your conscious attention (or is obviously unloving), put that thought on hold and ask yourself, “Which voice is this?” When a thought originates in your Heart Spirit, the inner voice you hear guides you to choose loving thoughts, feelings and behaviors. However, when a thought originates in the unhealthy ego, it suggests an assortment of thoughts, feelings and behaviors that create pain and suffering. When you answer with “That’s the voice of my OPiE”, then you know to drop the destructive thought from your mind before it becomes you make a destructive choice.