“Oriental wisdom suggests that ‘When the time is right, the teacher will appear’. The time was right for me and Mark appeared.” Sherry L.

Imagine how much more happiness you could enjoy if you worked closely with me to take your irrational, fear-based thoughts, feelings and behaviors out your life.

Easy quick quiz for you:

Would you like to have more than enough confidence to freely express your thoughts and feelings?

Are you capable of fearlessly giving and receiving more love?

Would you like people to have greater trust in you?

Do you want to reduce the damaging effects of your anger, judgment and defensiveness?

Do you want to transform destructive anxiety, guilt and feelings of scarcity into compassion, forgiveness and abundance?

Would you like to be free of old emotional baggage and begin each day from the all-accepting clarity of the Now moment?

Are you ready to live a more joyous life in a higher level of consciousness?

If you answered “Yes” to most or all of these questions, then you are poised for a wondrous expansion when you learn how to empower your Truth-based self-directed personal evolution. Perhaps you have not yet achieved these enriched experiences because your knowledge and motivation need to be energized in order for you to realize your life’s aspirations?

You can enjoy stronger goal-driven motivation and accelerated expansion into your Higher Consciousness by tapping into my 45+ years of consciousness, spirituality studies and skills. By doing so, you can expect to experience deep fulfillment in co-creating your path to Truth and Freedom with me! 

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Initially, in our partnership you will learn how to reduce the confusion and conflict in your life by recognizing and separating your unique reality—your personal Truths—from the ego-generated irrational fears, illusions and limitations that you currently labor under. Within this important context we would then make a comprehensive assessment of your real and most important wants and needs, identify and disempower illusions that currently prevent you from attaining fulfillment, and cultivate your skills at mastering control of your personal evolution through your acceptance of Truth—All That Is.

One of my gifts from Spirit is my ability to ask important questions that go below the surface to reveal where my clients have been confusing Truth with egoic untruths. As we peel back the layers of untruths and the Aha! moments of revelation unfold, you will have multiple opportunities to dissolve conflict and immediately embrace new Truth-based values that will steer you toward dependable happiness with a stronger connection to your Divine essence. The ego-generated illusions and fears that have plagued you with conflict and unhappiness will fall away as you willfully surrender to the omnipotent flow of Divine Energy.

While in our discussions, we would nurture specific aspects of your life that you want to focus on, such as reducing your anxiety, recovering your lost freedoms, improving your integrity, and strengthening your accountability we would also explore how you can expand more fully into your God-given Freedom when you learn to:

  • Resolve your guilt and shame by achieving greater Self-forgiveness.
  • Enjoy realistic feelings of security and well-being when you find Divinely Inspired well-being within your Higher Self.
  • Replace your judgments with compassion by consciously choosing constructive love instead of destructive negativity.
  • Welcome deeper intimacy when you overcome emotional barriers that limit deeper sharing of yourself from your Heart.
  • Reduce your stress levels by living in the Now moment when you discard unwanted mental clutter to make room for expansion into your unlimited Being.
  • Have the only real security life has to offer since you are intelligent and resilient—knowing the Truth that you can handle whatever comes.
  • Achieve acceptance of All That Is when you harmonize your life with the cosmos through ‘In-lighten-meant’.

With my guidance we would cultivate your skills at finding the often-overlooked learning opportunities in every experience that will permit you to reframe emotional challenges into beneficial learning experiences.

My ‘Honoring Truth and Love over Fear’ philosophy blends select elements of Buddhism, Christianity, and Hinduism into a spiritual practice that will guide you into an astonishingly simple way to make the highest, best choices in all of your daily experiences. As a result, your stress and anxiety levels go down and your self-confidence, fearlessness and quality of life go up. Instead of continuing to live in a depressing emotional state of vulnerability and contraction, your courageous new life turns into the fulfilling adventure it was meant to be by the Creator. This new era has always been available to you, but your perception of it, until now, may have been veiled behind your overly protective—untruthful—ego.

When you part the veils to understand how Truth—your Truth—is your universal healer and problem solver, you will be mentally positioned to resolve all of your problems.

Then you can reap the enduring benefits of standing on Truth, the most solid terra-firma there is.

In your Heart and Soul you can feel the happy bliss of going within the flow of loving Divine Energy.

As my client, we can communicate with via telephone, in person, or using on-line video services. My coaching fee is $90 per session for approximately 60 minutes, and I offer a discount for coaching packages of four sessions or more. For all of my clients I offer email support and supplemental materials that further enlighten them on specific areas of personal growth that move them closer to realizing their true potential.

Please contact me so that we may schedule your free initial consultation.

Mark E. Gibson MA, CLC
541-897-0679 (PST) landline (no texting)
[email protected]

As a sample of how Truth and Love over fear can improve your life, contact me so that we can arrange a 30-minute complimentary coaching session that can further open up your Heart and Soul.


As an instructor in consciousness and spirituality, designing and facilitating classroom courses that empower groups of people who are on their paths to Higher Consciousness enriches my Heart and Soul. As I strive to live my life’s purpose of recognizing, accepting, and sharing my Truths, communicating these values to others who seek guidance with their inner growth is of utmost importance to me. Offering my gifts of Truth and Love over fear to people of all walks of life is something I feel I am inspired to do for the rest of my life.

I refer to the highly interactive courses I facilitate as “Wisdom sharing sessions” because I encourage all participants to have the confidence that their shared experiences will be valuable learning opportunities for the rest of the group, and it gives the group (as well as me) an opportunity to offer ideas and interpretations to people seeking advice and inspiration.

Typically, each of my courses is about 6 to 12 hours in length with a variable number of about 60 to 90-minute long sessions.

I have taught adult education courses at San Francisco State University, University of California Extension, Chapman College, the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Southern Oregon University, and at assorted organizations.

Here are the four contemporary courses I currently offer:

Overcoming Fear with Truth

a dartboard with a red dart in the center

Make a leap in your awareness by exploring and embracing your own truth in order to achieve enhanced fulfillment in life. In this highly interactive Q & A wisdom-sharing experience utilizing presentations and discussion, you will learn how to use self-inquiry tools to recognize and replace your destructive, fear-based limitations with positive, truth-based, self-confidence. In this course we’ll explore topics such as minimizing feelings of vulnerability, guilt, and shame while strengthening your accountability, inner calm, and personal integrity. We will focus on the benefits each of us can enjoy by learning to discover and apply truth and thereby empower overlooked personal potentials. 

Deeper Explorations into the Power of Now

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Between the imagined future and the dead past there is in our minds a moment of blissful but fleeting presence described by noted visionary Eckhart Tolle as “The Now.” Accessing this elusive space allows us to fully embrace all that is real to us in every evolving moment of our life. During the highly interactive roundtable wisdom-sharing class sessions, with the instructor’s guidance, students will discuss passages from the book that they find particularly valuable or challenging. Wise use of Tolle’s suggestions can allow us to move into a deep and uncommon mental realm, and we will empower each other to progress towards real communion between self and others.

Truth is the Path to Freedom

wood blocks with I AM THE TRUTH

Would you like to enjoy greater emotional, spiritual, physical, and intellectual freedom? In this course students will learn how to disempower their overly protective ego and expand their personal freedoms by developing stronger commitments to the recognition, acceptance, and sharing of the truth. Through guided participation, students will share knowledge and experiences that demonstrate how untruths and the lack of acceptance of reality can stifle one’s growth and cause harm to relationships as well as to one’s mental health.  The group will consider how the leverage of truth can be applied every day to increase the quality of one’s life.

Deeper Explorations into a New Earth

a stack of rocks with the sun behind it

Ready to expand into your next level of consciousness? In his book “A New Earth, Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose” world acclaimed spiritualist Eckhart Tolle takes us beyond our own lives to show that we can create a new, more loving world. This involves a radical inner leap of consciousness from identification with ego to a new way of transformative thinking that few of us have achieved. In this highly interactive course, you will have opportunities to bring to the group specific Tolle passages that you would like the group to explore for clarification and deeper meanings. The ultimate goal is to inspire participants—spiritual pioneers—to more fully realize who they really are.

Custom Courses for You

I am able to prepare a new, custom course plan and proposal for you when we agree on a topic, location, schedule and approach that works for both of us. Other topics I can readily teach about include:

  • Refocusing emotional disturbances into learning opportunities
  • Transforming vulnerability into invulnerability
  • The Truth about the Serenity Prayer
  • How fear is your friend
  • Giving without strings attached
  • Living unconditional love
  • and others

Public Speaking

Few endeavors satisfy my Heart and Soul as much as me sharing my spirit of unconditional love with groups of people who are enthusiastic about their Self-directed personal evolution. Every group feels my excitement about “wisdom sharing” that benefits everyone present. Because my group sessions are highly interactive and a lot of valuable thoughts, feelings, and knowledge are exchanged honestly and freely, I have never asked a group to hold off with their questions “until the end”. It is not uncommon that people (including me) are brought to tears by the power of their sharing.

microphone in a public setting

Even though public speaking is one of the most common fears in the world, I am compelled to seek out speaking opportunities so that I can fulfill my spiritual calling of helping people to honor Truth and Love over fear. As far as I am concerned, the larger the audience, the better is the opportunity for me to spread the value of Truth and Love. I am always deeply gratified when participants have breakthroughs with their irrational fears with simultaneous recognition, acceptance and sharing of their Truths.

You can gain a good understanding of the topics I can speak on by reviewing the Classes section in this website. Some additional specific topics I can expand on include:

  • Transforming emotional disturbances into learning opportunities
  • The Truth about the Serenity Prayer
  • How fear can be your friend
  • Giving without strings attached
  • Transforming vulnerability into invulnerability
  • Living unconditional love
  • And others.

I would be pleased to discuss with you how I can share my transformative energy with your group (in person or via video conference call) so that attendees can learn how to fearlessly overcome illusionary limitations while they empower their Truth-based Self-confidence.

I am a simplest: instead of a schedule of speaking fees, I ask that my expenses be covered while I accept donations to cover my time and efforts. When I attain my most important spiritual goal of fulfilling my spiritual calling of helping people to honor Truth and Love over fear, everything else is secondary.

Let’s talk:

Mark E. Gibson MA, CLC
541-897-0679 (PST) landline (no texting)
[email protected]

I am not here to take, I am here to give.