Personal Glimpse – Preserving Freedom

“As soon as I finished reading (in the mid 1970s) Harry Browne’s book, How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World, I committed to preserving as many of my freedoms as I could throughout the rest of my life. As my studies in consciousness evolved further, I learned that disempowering my irrational fears was essential for my expansion into Divinely inspired Freedom. My ultimate realization came to me after my second spiritual awakening when I realized that Truth nurtures fearless living, love, and Freedom. I concluded that Truth can reveal the solutions to all of my challenges while it also opens overlooked doorways of opportunities for me.

Using Truth to recognize and dissolve the destructive impulses of my overly protective ego (“OPiE”) proved to be the greatest challenge to the growth of my consciousness and spirituality. As I learned to honor Truth and Love over fear, the energy in my egoic challenges was transformed into energy that supported my God-given Freedoms.

This book is testament that I was successful in achieving a level of Higher Consciousness that significantly improved my life once I consistently recognized, accepted and shared my Truths.

In these pages I demonstrate how people who want to raise their level of consciousness and deepen their connection to the Divine may do so by first making certain that they are in acceptance of All That Is—Truthful reality. Then disconscious attitudes such as avoidance, denial, revenge, greed, guilt and judgement can be brought under control and disempowered. With this higher level of acceptance most emotional pains can be quickly resolved, life becomes simpler, one becomes supercharged with Truth-based Self-confidence, and love is more freely given and received. A goal for an Aware person can be for each of us to enjoy the bliss of freedom and spiritual fulfillment as we create Heaven on Earth, however we define it.

My unique spiritual philosophy of ‘Truth, Love and Freedom over fear’ is a blend of Buddhism, Hinduism, and Christianity.

I am blessed that today I am living my spiritual calling: nurturing the acceptance of Truth and Love for all to enjoy, and to make a positive contribution to our global human consciousness. This book is a Love offering I make to assist you in your Self-directed personal evolution into the loving flow of Divine Energy. Are you up to the surmountable challenges and the constant unveiling of rewards?”

Mark Gibson