“Difference of opinion leads to inquiry, and inquiry to the truth.”
~Thomas Jefferson

Akiva B.

Mark, thank you soooooo much for tonight’s meeting. I must share with you. The entire time… the top of my head was literally buzzing.  It was as if my crown chakra was wide open and energy was flowing in and through me.  I have never in my 62 years on the planet experienced this… I don’t know what it was, but it was a really awesome experience.  I look very forward to future meetings …

Chris S.

I’ve been on and off again with online dating for a lot of years. Last summer, when I attended a presentation on “Tips for Successful Online Dating” by Mark Gibson, I realized why it wasn’t working so well for me. Now, with Mark’s vision and direction, I’m seeing a whole lot more activity than I ever have. He re-wrote my profile, took great photos of me (I live near him), suggested better dating sites to me, and taught me how to think and write better about myself. We went online together and groomed all of my info so that now I’m enjoying a much more attractive online presence (we nearly doubled the number of women I see in search returns on GreenSingles). Now I’m even looking into singles’ cruises in the Caribbean. Thank you, Mark, for my juiced-up motivation!

Kumud T.

Thanks Mark, you are a wonderful human being I am happy to have met you …

Julie G. 

Thank you so much Mark. That means a lot to me. Your class has opened up a part of me that wants to be more courageous… I just want you to know what a meaningful experience you gave me. You are gifted. Thank you again, Namaste.

Denise T.

I have taken two OLLI zoom classes with Mark Gibson:  Overcoming Fear with Truth and The Power of Now (Tolle). In advance of each class, Mark would send each student an e-mail chocked full of insightful information, resources and thoughtful suggestions for the student to consider. Then during each class, he elicited group discussion on the topic at hand before adding his awesome wisdom. I truly enjoyed his creative teaching methods and personal stories that furthered my understanding and personal growth. Thanks for the fantastic classes!!!

Frances L.

Dear Mark, I love your class, Mark!  Thanks so much for offering it. Your handouts are thought-provoking and stimulate lively conversations.  I feel blessed to have the opportunity to meet such a great group of people.   I only wish there would be more sessions…Perhaps next time around…☺

Ken H.

What shows through in your teachings was how much and true you believe and live what you said.  You are a genuine speaker and one who I respect and love.

Mar S.

Exposing our inner demons is a difficult endeavor. We may be aware of some of them – but they hide down deep and can be very uncomfortable to bring into the light. The safe circle and guidance Mark provided, the encouraging non-threatening atmosphere of trust to open up and share was wonderful. While observing the sharing of others, we clearly see how we can ‘trick’ ourselves with avoidance patterns. Marks process proved to be cathartic to confronting our own road-blocks. Mark gently engaged us and provided direction to explore, to trust in the process of self-reflection, without fear of judgment. Much self-reflection continues even though it has been many days since the workshop. It was a very ‘freeing’ experience.

Lotus W.

Mark diligently worked wonders on my Match.com listing. Right after he groomed my profile, I enjoyed a conspicuous increase in the number of positive new responses I received from quality men who really took time to carefully read it. Thanks, Mark.

Gail M.

I just wanted to share that I saw a new doctor the other day and I am very reluctant to share my complete health history because it is so extensive and complex.  Wearing my bracelet, I decided I would be completely forthright and if she did not want me as a patient so be it.  I came home delighted.  She was very sympathetic and compassionate. Thank you, Mark, for giving me the courage to do this.

Claudette P.

What a lovely group of people you have attracted to your class… We had lively and encouraging discussions that he facilitated very well… He added some exercises/questions for us to ponder and make use of in our daily lives… High/low points of the course: High: Great discussions. Low: there were no low points…Your personal mission, through your classes, is your acceptance of Evolution’s invitation.  Thank you for extending your gift to all of us.

Almira H.

You may be the consciousness that occupies your body but you are a great teacher!  I always learn so much from you… Every class was a pleasure… Mark is a great teacher. What I learned is relevant to my daily life. Thank you!!

Joseph K.

I have benefited from this course in many ways. I became aware of my ego and other people’s egos. I used to be annoyed by people bragging. Now, I know it’s just their egos bragging. Therefore, I am not annoyed by that anymore.

Peggy M.

I do enjoy this class and [the] discussions, I don’t want it to end so fast. Such a rich deep topic, and you are a wonderful leader facilitator… The other night after reading it my brain/soul/ego/awareness contemplated it all night. Very stimulating and exhausting… He is totally coming from his generous heart… I want to continue on this path. I look forward to your other classes. Exploring these rich topics is so helpful and appreciated. Thank you for being at the helm of this class in such a helpful, genuine and egoless way. You are inspirational! What you created here is so very thoughtful and very beautiful.  You are precious and I appreciate your heart spirit and you so much!

Shirley D.

Coach Mark is a huge inspiration for me. In our meetings he showed me how I can greatly improve my profile so that more of the kind of men I want to meet respond to what I have posted online. Mark also helped me to understand the differences between three of the sites I’m interested in using. I especially appreciate his scope of knowledge and his eagerness to share his energy for helping people find love online. He’s always there when I need him!

Richard G.

What I especially appreciate about Mark is that he clearly practices what he preaches. His suggestions and insights could only occur if he had “done the work” himself. Mark is clearly results oriented. He is helping me see where “I might have given up” and then inspires me to take on the challenge once again. Mark is a professional with high integrity – a sensitive, compassionate, knowledgeable, and insightful man. I am very grateful to be working with him on a weekly basis.

Anonymous student

I am so grateful that I took your class of “Overcoming Fear with Truth”. Your mastery of the material and comfort with presenting it and making us all comfortable in sharing was wonderful. Learning to ask myself important questions has been a huge help to me in overcoming irrational fears I have lived with all my life. Working on my truth pact with myself was harder with myself than others but you showed us where integrity could only be provided through strict accountability.

Ogden K.

I really enjoyed this close look at Tolle’s book. I would never have done it on my own. This class was truly a gift! I really appreciate your willingness to engage with this material. I learned so much! Thanks again.

Shery L.

Oriental wisdom suggests that ‘When the time is right, the teacher will appear’. The time was right for me and Mark appeared.

“Instead of worrying about what people say of you, why not spend time trying to accomplish something they will admire?”
~Dale Carnegie